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Scrubbing Toilets Can be Refreshing and Enjoyable

20161103_172256_hdrBeing an eco-friendly cleaning service is something we are incredibly passionate about here at Girls Gone Green. I was cleaning a house with a new team member in Canmore AB taking in the breath-taking views of the mountains, and she stated “wow it’so nice to clean toilet’s with your cleaner, it smells like Christmas”. This amazed me in two ways: first, someone could be happy scrubbing toilets, and two the product is non-toxic.

The cleaning product we use is scented with essential oils which are non-toxic to your system while also being therapeutic. The cleaner utilizes Thieves oil blend, which is a blend of  lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon bark, cloves and rosemary. Once these essential oils come together they create an amazing disinfectant and aid in immune support...

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